is a politics/news/research blog about Canada. My goals in creating this site are:

  • to gain a better understanding of the Canadian political & cultural landscape. The first series of articles is an examination of Canadian healthcare policies, which have long been a mystery to me (and I think to many people)
  • to create a resource for others to better understand the Canadian political & cultural landscape
  • to counteract the Canadian obsession with American news and politics. As a country, the American news cycle is a powerful source of entertainment and diversion. I think this is often to the detriment of engagement with our own political systems. This ties into the first two goals (separating the information we receive about the U.S. from information about Canada)
  • to expose ideas and issues that are important to me more people
  • to provide a resource that journalists and researchers may find helpful when writing about the topics I covered
  • to promote good and interesting writing that follows from the above goals
  • to give people energy to make our country better, rather than draining their energy and focus with negative news
  • to have fun and make the world a better place

I’m not holding myself to any rigorous schedule on this site, so if you want to keep up to date, subscribe via rss.


The content and opinions of this site are the opinions of the author, not the author’s employer, or anyone else unless they happen to agree. This site represents the author’s personal views and ideas, and the researched data is hopefully accurate but might not be.


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